Ralph Lauren 888 Madison

Ralph Lauren 888 Madison

February 10, 2015

Location: New York, NY

Project Scope: Large Glass Storefront Design



So Ralph Lauren’s 50,000 sf flagship store in Manhattan’s Upper East Side Historical District. The four-story limestone building is noteworthy for its use of the highest quality materials and detailing: carefully crafted limestone, wrought iron and bronze metal work, and rich woodwork and also ornate plaster detailing.

Based on late nineteenth-century French Beaux-Arts buildings, the design was warmly received at public hearing by the LPC, and also received a Certificate of Appropriateness by meeting criteria for appropriate contextual design.

The adjacent townhouse was incorporated and clad with refurbished stone. So It features new curved wood double hung windows, and a new limestone portico and also areaway at the original entrance to the building to match historic photographs.

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Large Glass Storefront Design

 Large Glass Storefront Design