Sunshade Design

Sunshade Design | Canopy Design

Sunshade Engineering

Canopy Engineering

Sunshade Design | Canopy Design engineering for commercial buildings is our focus.

Sunshade Design and Canopy Design

Airfoil Design

Optimize airfoil design for Sunshades.

Canopy Design

Designing for adequate protection insuring all code requirements are met.

Canopy Co

Working with all canopy companies in the industry.

Sunshade Design

Providing solutions for shade extensions.

Sunshade Details

Working with a variety of detailers and shop drawing providers.

Sunshade Company

Experience with all sunshade manufacturing companies.

Canopy Consulting

Insuring the canopy and sunshade solutions work with glazing systems.

Canopy Design Calculation

Providing fast, friendly and affordable design calculations.

Canopy Detail

Offering connection to canopy detail at a fair prices.

Canopy Drawing

Partnering with canopy drawing providers nation-wide.

Canopy Engineering

Insuring code compliance for all required loadings.

Canopy Designer

Insuring architectural requirements and glazing contractor needs are met.


Sunshade Design and Canopy Design

Green building products that conserve energy and enhance building performance without compromising aesthetics are common.  JEI Structural Engineers are familiar with all manufacture sunshades, sunshade outrigger systems, sun control products and

JEI Structural Engineers are glass wall design experts.Contact us today!