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Glass, Glazing, Panel & Sunshade Engineering

JEI Structural Engineering believes in providing the highest quality, lowest cost services in the glass and glazing industry.

So we choose our battles, as your advocate, we are always working hard to balance practical time and material constraints with safety, code adherence and liability concerns. We also enjoy long term relationships glazing contractors and manufactures who value excellence.

We are experts in curtain wall engineering, storefront engineering, zoo exhibit underwater glass enclosure design, skylight engineering & design, glass railing engineering, balustrade, sunshade, louver, sunscreen, glass floor design, all glass design,  aluminum metal panel engineering.   All glass and metal panel engineering.

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Curtain wall engineering services have been performed for many projects ranging from small single story to multi-story curtainwalls.  Consulting services have included pre-construction engineering design reviews for commercial contractors, structural inspections, and also analysis of existing structures and speaking / training events.

We encourage you to review our description of services, project profiles, resumes and references in order to learn how we may be able to assist you through our value added services.

JEI Structural Engineering are experts at providing high quality structural engineering services to the commercial glazing industry. Services include calculations for curtain wall engineering, storefront engineer, all glass systems engineering, submerged glass and zoo enclosure engineer design and also window blast engineering for DOD and GSA projects using WINGARD.

Design calculations encompass stress analysis, deflection analysis, system connections and anchor design to the structure.   JEI also provides value engineering, training and development of MR’s and PM’s.


Professional Engineering (P.E.) Licenses 

We are adding states rapidly. So if you don’t see the state you need, please contact us.

Currently JEI Structural Engineering has PE’s in

AR, AL, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT VA, WA, WV and growing

Adding P.E.s/S.E.s rapidly.  Call 816-505-0987 or E-mail.
 We have many international projects.  For info contact us .


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“Our goal is to serve your needs with excellence”

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Our team of glass engineers is very strong with great communication skills.   We care about your needs and want to help educate the industry.    Here’s a playlist of relevant topics.

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Trade Journals

JEI Structural Structural Engineering supports industry trade journals through editorial advice, authorships, keynote speaking, training workshops, social networking and more.   We are proud to be an active member of the glass, glazing and also metal panel industry.

1) Glass Magazine Published Articles

Glass Magazine - JEI Structural Engineering

Antiterrorism: Blast-resistant glazing systems and the moving target  By Stewart P. Jeske, P.E. December 2008.

2) US Glass Magazine Published Articles

US Glass Metal & Glazing - JEI Structural Engineering

Future Changes Coming To UFC by Matthew Quinlivan, September 2011.

Facade Engineering Services

So Here’s Professional Structural Engineering (P.E.) Stamps for Commercial Glass and Glazing.  Details

Aluminum Curtain Wall Design

– curtain wall calculations, wind & seismic calculations, blast load engineering calculations, steel reinforcement, curtain wall shop drawings, curtain wall anchor design, embed anchor design, glass calculations, and also structural glass design. Details 

Aluminum Storefront Design

storefront calculations, wind & seismic calculations, blast load calculations, steel reinforcement, storefront shop drawings, storefront anchor design, and also structural glass design. Details

Glass Entry Engineering

glass entry design, wind & seismic engineering, anchor design, shop drawings, glass calculations, finite element analysis, and also structural glass design.  Details 

Window Blast Engineering and Design

Blast resistant window design, specifications review, anti-terrorism code review, dynamic blast load calculations, full window system analysis, WINGURD glass design, blast load anchor design, window glass, structural glass, and also structural glass design. Details

Submerged Glass Design

– Aquarium glass design, submerged window design, anchor design, shop drawings, glass calculations, finite element analysis, and also structural glass design. Details

Glass and Glazing Handrails and Railings

– glass handrail design, anchor design, shop drawings, glass structural engineering, and also structural glass design. Details

Consulting Services

– value engineering, pre construction design review, commercial specification review, field inspections, construction conformance, problem resolution, structural evaluation, system failure analysis, storm damage assessment, specification compliance review, installation review, and also structural glass design.  Details

Speaking, Training and Workshops

– blast load requirements, code regulations, anti terrorism codes, what estimators need to know, glazing systems that work, curtain wall and glass systems, calculations, code requirements, and also structural glass design. Details 

Articles /  Publications

Glass Magazine “Antiterrorism: Blast-resistant glazing systems and the moving target”  Dec. 2008


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Since JEI’s inception in 2003, we have provided our clients with a quality product and an emphasis on service.  To obtain the level of quality and service for which we endeavor, so we make great efforts to understand the needs of our clientele and their standards of operation.  So for more information, see our Project Gallery.

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