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Glass Storefront Design

Glass storefront design engineering is growing.  Therefore, our goal is to be an extension of your company providing glass engineering services for all glazing industry engineering products.   We enjoy long term, mutually beneficial relationships with glazing contractors, glass manufactures and also architects.

Commercial Storefront Design Services:


We work exclusively in glass, glazing and metal panel design.

Whatever your needs, JEI Structural Engineers are trained to add value to any project.

JEI Structural Engineering believes in providing the highest quality, lowest cost services in the glass and glazing industry.

So we choose our battles, as your advocate, we are always working hard to balance practical time and material constraints with safety, code adherence and liability concerns. We also enjoy long term relationships glazing contractors and manufactures who value excellence.

Architects and Glazing Contractors – Watch Specs for Building Movement 3 Short Videos **Download this RFI early in the estimating process. RFI – Building Movement 1)  Building Movement On Curtain Wall  (5 min) Common specifications to watch with example details. 2)...
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Glass Storefront Glazing Install and Engineering Challenges Learn what glazing project managers and architects need to know to prevent problems.   Glass Storefront Glazing Install and Engineering Challenges New Project Specs Require “Sealed Calculations” for storefronts.  (That’s engineering!) Most manufacture Wind load charts...
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Manufacturer Storefront Wind Load Manufacturer storefront wind load charts as produced by storefront manufactures are used by glazing contractors and sales reps for size and spacing during the pricing and planning stages of glazing projects.   In the past this has...
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Sunshade Engineering – Issues Attaching To Glass Storefront. JEI Structural Engineers are experts at sunshade engineering.   Our goal is to serve as an extension of your company, saving you time and money.   So bring us in early for...
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Great article publised in US Glass by Sahely Mukerji quoting Stewart Jeske and some of our clients about important storefront issues.    Read the short article here.   JEI Structural Engineering Curtain wall engineer, curtain wall engineering, glazing engineer, zoo design,...
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Glaziers should keep this in mind when selecting open shaped vertical mullions and stay well under the curve projections that are indicated.    If glaziers use the charts, as is. Reinforcing structural glazing or heavier mullions will likely be needed. Stewart...
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Automatic Sliding Doors Have Operational Limitations Automatic Sliding Doors . It’s important for glazing contractors to get information from the automatic sliding door manufacturers. In advance, on operational limitations for their systems. Some automatic door manufacturers have stringent criteria on...
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