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Career Opportunity:   Look around: future cities are made of glass!   Few structural engineers understand the complexity and also beauty in design of structural engineering in this emerging, high growth industry.   This is a position for someone who enjoys the math calculations, also as well as the people side of business.  Technology is changing fast and so is a great time to take advantage of your degree in architectural engineering or experience with curtain wall engineering or facade engineering.

JEI Structural Engineering Hiring Architectural Engineers for Facade Engineering and Curtain Wall EngineeringThe Interview Process

We’re growing and expect to hire more engineers in the coming years. So part of the interview, is testing your ability to drive the process to its next step.

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Current Opportunities

Architectural Engineering / Curtain Wall Engineer / Facade Engineer

Job Description:

JEI structural engineers provide design calculation packages to glazing contractors, manufactures and also architects for aluminum curtain wall, storefront and window blast projects. In addition, JEI engineers provide analysis and design for zoo enclosures, glass railing, glass floor, skylights and anything glass, glazing or envelop enclosure. Engineers manage their own projects and communicate often with clients to determine expectations, deadlines and also provide consultation.

  • Graduate of accredited university in Architectural Engineering with minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
  • Will consider Civil graduates with strong experience understanding shop drawings.
  • Must have at least one of the following:  E.I. / P.E. / S.E.
  • Familiar with architectural construction documents and also building systems.
  • Must be able to produce organized, and also neat calculations using Word and Excel.
  • Experience in Auto-CAD, RISA or BIM a plus.
  • Also must be able to work from our office in Kansas City, Missouri – 10 minutes east of the Kansas City International Airport.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, since we have a lot of daily client contact.
  • Experience in curtain wall engineering or other glass and glazing experience preferred, but rare.
  • Must enjoy focused engineering work learning and producing design calculations, with self motivated determination.

Real World Project Examples

Sporting Park

Project Scope: Curtain wall and storefront systems, sliding window walls and windows, engineering design and calculations.

Experience with curtain wall design is rare. University Engineering programs have not caught up with the changing architectural design trends and codes. So cities around the United States are moving from traditional stone design to glass. Architects are designing with glass, supported by aluminum frames. Even so, few classes and no degrees are offered in any United States university that address this growing need. Engineering programs teach structural classes using steel, concrete and wood. Aluminum and also glass are not even considered.

Experience in Window Blast is a rare skill. This project required. So working in finite design analysis required for these facility upgrades.

Winder Army Reserve Center

Project Scope: Blast Engineering Design, Curtain Wall, Storefront, and Sunshade Design

This project required an experienced structural engineer with experience in Window Blast design. Window Blast requirements are new to the US, since the new Anti-Terrorism codes have become required for military and government installations that require blast proof glass.

Experience in Window Blast is a rare skill. This project required. So working in finite design analysis required for these facility upgrades.

Townebank Harbour View Banking Center


Project Scope: Curtain wall design, glass wall design

In addition to aluminum and glass being used on the outside of buildings, stadiums, and zoo enclosures. There is also a growing trend in the United States for glass floor, glass railing, moving glass walls, skylights, sunshades and also much more.

The new government regulations and codes regarding aluminum design are significant. JEI Structural Engineering is leading the way to help educate glazing contractors, manufactures and also architects on these changes. Entry level engineers require 1 year of training at our company.

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