Specifications For Building Movement – Architects and Glazing Contractors Be Aware

3 Short Videos

1)  Building Movement On Curtain Wall  (5 min)

Common specifications to watch with example details.

2)  Storefront Building Movement – Liability Issues for Architects and Glazing Contractors  (3 min)

Solutions to liability concerns for architects and cost over run issues by glazing contractors.

3) Building Movement BID ISSUES  (30 seconds)

There’s virtually no way a glazing contractor can account for building movement in the bidding process.    Stewart Jeske, PE does his best to educate and help glazing contractors and architects stay on the same page.  Pre-engineering in the design bid process is the best solution.

Curtain Wall Design |  Storefront Design

Stewart Jeske, P.E. discusses facade design issues for architects and glazing contractors.  Specifications For Building Movement – Architects and Glazing Contractors Be Aware.  These videos were created to help architects, glazing contractors and engineers get on the same page when it comes to the critical issue of Building Movement in the glass and glazing industry.

One of the biggest challenges for glazing contractors, is architects writing specifications for products that are impossible to configure and do not account for building movement codes and regulations.

At JEI Structural Engineering, our goal is the shine a light on important issues and work with quality trades people and design professionals to insure buildings are built quickly, price effectively and with high quality.   Let’s start by understanding the issues related to building movement on curtain wall.

Storefront Specifications May Effect Building Movement

When architects specify configurations that are impossible to build under current code requirements and manufacture available products, glazing contractors pay the price.   Lost time, lost money, and strained relationships are the result.   Learn the most common mistakes in this short video explanation by Stewart Jeske, PE.   Stewart has 30 years structural engineering experience and 15 years in the glass and glazing industry.

Facade Design

Stewart Jeske, P.E. is serves as a facade design engineer.  Stewart Jeske, P.E. has accumulated 30 years structural engineering experience.    In addition, JEI Structural Engineer serves glazing contractors, architects, manufactures inside the glass and glazing industry.

Façade design is one of the largest elements in aesthetic and technical performance of a building. Consequently, few professionals have experience in the glass and glazing industry. As a result, façade Design is the art and science of resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues to achieve the effective enclosure of buildings.

JEI Structural Engineering is an industry leader in façade design.  Therefore, JEI is dedicated to a building industry niche. Opposite, structural engineers that operate within technical divisions of façade manufacturing companies. Glazing contractors and glass manufactures outsource façade design to get a higher level of service at a lower cost.

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