Glass Storefront Glazing Install and Engineering Challenges

Learn what glazing project managers and architects need to know to prevent problems.


Glass Storefront Glazing Install and Engineering Challenges

New Project Specs Require “Sealed Calculations” for storefronts.  (That’s engineering!)

Most manufacture Wind load charts DO NOT fully account for updated code requirements.

In the past, there were loopholes that allowed engineers more flexibility than the current ADM 2015 requirements on open shapes.   This can mislead glazing project managers costing more steel, higher engineering & lost time.

Add to that, the issue of Building Movement, which is required by delegated design to consider.

As you know, the impact of designing and installing a storefront wrong isn’t life threatening, so a few people overlook the issues entirely.  Preferring to bury their head in the sand.   The result is minor system failures that may cause water leaks or damage and sometimes require system replacement.   At worst, it’s a lawsuit.

At some point, all the codes will catch up to the new standards.     JEI Structural Engineering is ahead of the learning curve, developing:

  • Custom Wind Load Charts with lateral buckling checks, according to code.
  • Calculation and design methods that reduce steel.
  • Pre-Design assist that Anticipates Building Movement at the storefront head.

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